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ההתאחדות הוקי קרח לישראל

להירשם לחדשות







Medal found its owner after 25 years....


Hockey is one of the favorite sports in Hungary. The Hungarian Ice Sports Union was founded in 1908, and started their IIHF membership in 1927. The first international game played by the national team was held in 1927 at the European Championship in Vienna (Austria). In the National Ice Hockey championship 7 teams played in 4 rounds. The greatest success was achieved by club "Ferenzvarosh" (Budapest) and "Uaipesht Dozha". So in 1992, "Ferencvarosh" once again became the Champion of Hungary. All the players received gold medals, except the goalkeeper, who for different reasons was left without one.

המשך קריאה: Medal found its owner after 25 years....

Ice Hockey