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Israel Hockey persons: Evgeny Gusin " My dream to build the ice hockey arena...."

Born in 1968 in Kazakhstan. 
As a child he was engaged in various kinds of sports: basketball, fencing etc. When he was 11years old his family moved to the city of  Voskresensk (Moscow region), where there was a single choice - just hockey.



First year played as a forward under the guidance of the coach - Korkin Alexander.The team had no goalie so he was tested  and apart from showing promise he also liked it. 
In 1984 - 85 - 86 - goalie of the USSR National Junior team, participated in 2 tournaments of "Four" - in Czech Republic (CSSR)  and Germany. 
In 1986, on the  tournament in Germany won the 1 st place winning the Czech team 

In 1984 (16 years old) made his debut in the USSR championship top league in the game "Khimik" - Voskresensk - "SKA" - Leningrad. 
Also in 1984 he was invited to CSKA Moscow club, but declined because of attachment to the “Khimik” team 
In 1985, in the team of the Moscow region won 1 st place at the Russian Federation  tournament 
In 1986 he was invited to the gathering of the USSR junior team before the European Championship, but due to injuries missed it

In 1987, drafted to the army service and was transferred to CSKA Moscow as 3-d goalie where played with  Belosheykin and Bratash. Played in the Junior CSKA team. In the middle of the season, following  recommendation of the head coach Boris Mikhailov moved to play in “SKA” - Novosibirsk team (coach Alexander Ragulin) in order  to help the team to stay in the 1-st division. stayed in the "SKA" - Novosibirsk seasons 87/88 - 88/89. 
Last 4 months in army he participated in combat operations 
In 1989, after serving in the army he continued to play in the "Khimik" farm club"Crystal" Elektrostal team. At the end of the season played in "Khimik" in the semi-final of the League Cup, where he played against the team "Krilya Sovetov" 

89-90-91 seasons spent in the team "Crystal” Elektrostal.

In 1990 he was invited to the 2 nd Swedish league team "Vestra Frolunda" during a series of friendly matches, but was rejected by the coach 
At the end of 1990-91 season - left the team "Crystal" and moved with family to Hungary – Budapest . There applied to participate in the club "Ferenzvarosh". At first he was denied because already 2 goalies of Hungary National Team played in the team . 
However, started to train and after the defeat of the team in the 1 st game of the European Cup replaced the existing 1-st goalie. Under the "Ferenzvarosh" club won Ungarian Ice Hockey Championship.



In late 1991, he received a proposal from the American team "Toledo Storm",and  played in the East Coast Hockey League, which is a 2-nd "Detroit Red Wings" farm clubHowever, due to problems with the ‘transfer documents’, could not play there. 
Continued in the team "Thunder bay" - Colonial Hockey League, which won the final (Play - off). Then returned to the “Crystal” Elektrostal team, where finished Championship. 
In this same year he was invited to a camp with "Los Angeles Kings" team , but due to injuries of meniscus did not participate. 
Repatriated to Israel in 1991, where, after a medical operation decided that ended his career, but it turned out that that was not the case. 
From the first days played in "HC Bat-Yam” club, and in the National Israel hockey team. Double Champion became an Israeli. 


Evgeny Gusin: "In my career I was fortunate to play with such famous hockey players as: Kamensky, Zelepukin, Kozlov, Chernikh, Lomakin, Fetisov, Larionov, Krutov, Makarov.


Plans for this season:to  win  Israel championship; to continue to develop children's hockey school, which is gathering momentum. I plan to visit Canada with children in order to participate in the tournament and camps. I intend that they  be plunged into the great hockey atmosphere. And this is particularly significant inCanada's Olympic year. And, finally, my dream is to build an ice hockey stadium! "



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